image: Lori Ellison
"Slow Dance with the Concept of Infinity"

Group exhibit:
Diana Adams
Remmi Brant
Bobby Coleman
Lori Ellison
Kashif Javaid
Faber Lorne
Greg Minah
James Prochnik
Jenny Reeves

curated by: Adam Lister

Feb.9 - Mar.2, 2013

gallery reception: Sat. Feb.9, 2:00-4:00pm

We've all thought about it, the idea that space goes on forever.  The enormity of infinity is often something that we're unable to fully comprehend.  The vastness is immeasurable, a "numberless" number, both a fact and an illusion.  The thought of physically existing in an endlessness can seem both ominous and refreshing.              

The artists in this exhibit take inspiration from the human necessity to grapple with the passage of time.  They each create works that are viewed as points of origin rather than conclusions.  There is an opening up of the universe that takes place in the creative process, an aim at understanding the impossible.  Each artist presents us with work that explores self-devised systems through balanced and unbalanced levels of control.          

"Slow Dance with the Concept of Infinity" examines the area in which the mind can longer hold on to things.  It can be beautifully menacing to accept that life happens in an unlimited space that increases forever without any limit.   

This exhibit will feature nine artists from Virginia, Maryland, New York, California, and Belgium.  The artwork on view will include painting, drawing, photography, installation, and video.